5 April 2010

"The Owl at Dusk"

'Odds were good I was, in the final analysis, nothing but a scat gobbler from the House of Wanker.' This afternoon, for example, I sat watching a cooking show, fingering my cock and never really intending to make a hollandaise sauce, even metaphorically. There are things you'd like to count on. Sady Doyle, in her review of '(500) Days of Summer', observes that a man whose emotion in a sexual relationship lacks reciprocation feels as though 'gravity suddenly stopped working'. In reverse, also: a woman whose sexual desire meets a blank male gaze feels the flight of her soul contused against a mirror. I run fingers through my hair, forcing open knots, a basic grooming behavior that brings peace. In my reverie, the business glow of the monitor turns to starry night. Eat shit and live is my encouragement to you, Mr. Lipsyte.